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User-pays system to roll out across Lake Macquarie tennis courts

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

NEW LEASEE: Whitebridge Tennis Club coach Richard McMurray.WHITEBRIDGE Tennis Club will be one of the first in Lake Macquarie to be part of the council’s new club management system.

A council report stated the user-pays system was introduced due to fee disputes between club committees and coaches who hired council-owned courts.

Whitebridge Tennis Club coach Richard McMurray will lease the club under the new arrangement in the new year.

As a coach for the past 22 years, he believes the system needed to be introduced due to ageing volunteers on committees.

“There has been a lack of young people putting their hand up for volunteer positions,” he said.

Previously, volunteer committees managed council-owned courts and reported financial and administrative matters to the council.

Under the new system, coaches can take out a five-year lease and bypass the club committee.

They can then set their own fees, which the council expects will align more closely with commercial rates and hopes it will ensure the club’s viability.

Lessees must pay $465 a year for administration and an annual amount towards a facility sinking fund for the club’s upkeep.

This is calculated based on replacement costs for different types of courts, ranging from $2250 to $7200. These amounts are set by Tennis NSW.

Each coach’s contribution to a facility sinking fund also depends on court usage.

Lessees also pay the land, water and electricity rates as well as maintenance.

Mr McMurray said rates were one of the main concerns for coaches, who were considering taking out a lease.

“Some respected coaches are talking about walking away because they are worried that the lease system may not be financially viable and this is a concern for tennis in the region,” he said.

He said there would be minimal fee changes at Whitebridge.

Keith Williams, of the privately owned Lake Macquarie Tennis Centre, believes the new system is fairer.

“[The system] will bring all tennis providers onto a more equal playing field, where all parties compete to provide the best service,” he said.

Eleebana and Croudace Bay tennis clubs will also be part of the new system as of January 1.

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Finance: Have no regrets this Christmas

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

FROM the many festive social events to Christmas presents and even Christmas lunch, it is easy for your finances to run away with you.

Of course, not everyone wants or can spend big at Christmas time.

According to Mortgage Choice’s Happy As Index, almost 50 per cent of NSW respondents said they plan to “spend less” this Christmas.

Some 32.5 per cent of the state’s respondents said they would spend less on gifts, while a further 11.7 per cent said they planned to spend less on going out and 2.9 per cent indicated they would spend less money on food and beverages.

Australians realise from past experience how easy it is to get carried away during the festive season and ultimately blow the budget.

Thankfully, there are some simple techniques that people can employ to curb their spending without sacrificing the things they enjoy.

Here are my five tips to help locals spend within their means this festive season:

1. Open a festive account: Set yourself a budget for the festive season and then put that money into a separate transaction account.

By separating this money from the rest of your finances, it will stop you from spending more money than you originally planned.

2. Research lender options: Australia’s lenders are keen to attract new business and are offering some significant incentives to new customers – including free usage of any ATM in Australia, and even cash-back incentives to those who open a new account.

Research your options and see if there is a better financial institution out there for you.

3. Prepare yourself: Before you head to the shops and start spending money on presents for your loved ones, it pays to sit down and make a list.

Know exactly what you plan to get each family member and how much that gift is going to cost.

Having a list at the ready will help make sure you don’t spend more than you bargained.

4. Shop around for discounts: There are plenty of discounts to be found provided you have the time, energy and patience to shop around.

Alternatively, you may find ordering online can save you significantly.

5. Don’t spend more than you have: If you’re heading out on the town or heading to the shops to get the Christmas present buying under way, it pays to leave your credit cards at home and only take the money you can afford to spend.

By denying yourself access to additional funds, it will force you to spend within your means.

■ Richard Windeyer is a mortgage broker with Mortgage Choice. His advice is general in nature and readers should seek their own professional advice before making any financial decisions. Phone: Richard Windeyer on 1800 01 LOAN.

Richard Windeyer, Mortgage Choice

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Young Cardiff South student’s book published

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

TALENTED: Cardiff South Primary School student Hannah Chandler, 12, author of I Don’t Like Cheese.LIKE most authors, Cardiff South’s Hannah Chandler experiences the occasional bout of writer’s block.

But there is one thing that sets Hannah apart – she is only 12 years old.

This month she celebrates the release of her first picture book.

I Don’t Like Cheese tells the tale of Mike the mouse.

Mike lives with the Walker family, who feed him exotic cuisines such as Mexican and Italian.

But when the Walkers go on holidays, Mike is left to eat the one thing he hates the most: cheese.

Hannah wrote the book in response to a challenge from her Cardiff South Primary School principal David Holland.

It took her a few months to come up with the idea, but only about 45 minutes to write it.

“The beginning of the story was probably the hardest to write,” she said.

“The rest just flowed.”

News of Hannah’s talent spread fast with an interview on the Kids’ Book Review website and before she knew it, she had been offered a publishing deal.

The book hit the shelves last Monday after a successful stint online.

Hannah said she was grateful for the opportunity.

“I never imagined that when I wrote this book it would be published,” she said.

“I have always wanted to be an author and I think it’s incredible that I have been given this opportunity at such a young age.”

I Don’t Like Cheese is available from idontlikecheese苏州美甲美睫培训学校 and all good bookshops for $19.99.

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Cubby houses build skills for high school students

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

Macintyre High School students in years 9 and 10 are making steady progress on three cubby houses expected to be completed in time for Christmas.

It is the sixth year groups of industrial arts students have undertaken the construction project and construction teacher Nick McLoughlin said it is a good chance to put classroom skills into action.

Kyle Schuman, Bodie Nicholls, Kyle Smith, James Trevithick, Jordan Henningsen, Bailey Simpkins, Matthew Buchanan, Sam Leggett, Jackson Barling and Nicholas Pearce have been working hard to have their cubbies finished by the end of the year.

“We were looking at doing something a little bit different for (students) who were interested in the industrial arts subjects, but probably had more of building interest,” he said.

“In year 9 we do a few skills exercises, building little tool boxes and mallets and then you do a little model of a house or garage, with studs and wall frames and things and then it is a progression to put some of those skills into practice.”

In 2008, a group of around 10 students undertook the construction of two cubby houses with assistance from a federal Adopt a School grant and Mr McLoughlin said since then, the school has been able to turn out three cubby houses each year.

He said this is year is the first that the project has included a combined class of year 9 and 10 students working to produce cubbies for locations across the region.

In previous years, locally-made cubby houses have been sent as far as Brisbane, with project proving a valuable exercise for students interested in the construction industry.

“It seemed like a good little building project where you’re building something that is a little bit realistic,” Mr McLoughlin said.

“Most of the materials we used you would find on a house. The timber we use is the same timber framing you would use on a house and the cladding is house cladding, the roofing is corrugated iron.”

He said building the miniature houses has proven to be memorable school project for a number of students.

“I’ve had kids who have come up to me years later and said ‘you know it was the greatest thing I did at school’,” Mr McLoughlin said.

“Quite a number of students who have gone through now have building apprenticeships in town, which is always good to see.”

This year, three cubby houses will be sold across the Northern Tablelands, as far west as Warialda, Mr McLoughlin said.

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Suspension of fire permits lifted in Muswellbrook

16/06/2019 Posted by admin

THE NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has lifted the suspension of fire permits in the Muswellbrook Local Government Area (LGA) due to recent rain.

Permits may be obtained from the local RFS Permit Issuing Officer – and are free.

To find the location of your local Permit Issuing Officer, contact the Hunter Valley Fire Control Centre on 6574 5186.

NSW RFS Superintendent Paul Jones said the decision to lift the suspension on issuing fire permits had been made because of recent substantial rains throughout the Hunter Valley.

“Landholders can now get in and burn those piles of fallen timber that has been building up from recent very windy weather,” Supt Jones said.

“Now that fire permits have been reinstated, we encourage residents to undertake other activities to protect their property from fire, such as creating an Asset Protection Zone, clearing leaves from their gutters and removing flammable materials from around their homes.”

Serious penalties, including fines and/or imprisonment, apply for starting a fire without a permit during the Bush Fire Danger Period.

For further information on how you can protect your property, or to download a Bush Fire Survival Plan, visit the NSW RFS website at or call the Hunter Valley Fire Control Centre on 6574 5186 or check the Hunter Valley Facebook page.

For current incidents or major fire updates visit

RELIEF: The NSW Rural Fire Service has lifted the suspension of fire permits in the Muswellbrook Local Government Area due to recent rain.

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