How martial arts can empower you

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Lisa Longhurst is now considering turning her attention to giving time as a mentor for the next generation of fighters and martial artists.LISA Longhurst has a tangible air of inner confidence. It might come from her fierce love for her three children and the fathomless commitment she had to her husband, the late Garry Longhurst. Growing up with a house full of brothers might have been another contributor.

She has achieved her second dan black belt in Jin Ryu Kan, a freestyle martial arts system, and placed high in her sport at regional, state and national levels. In her early years of training, she set her goal for an Australian tracksuit and a gold medal at a World Koshiki Karate Championship. In 2004 Lisa understandably turned away from the sport to be beside her husband Garry when he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

Lisa returned to training late 2012. In May 2013 she was invited to be on the Australian team and trained intensively with Renshi Nick King and several other martial artists from the Jin Ryu Kan Dojo.

Lisa said she felt blessed to have the opportunity to relive her earlier goals. In September 2013, she travelled with the Australian team to Japan to compete in the 19th World Koshiki Karatedo Championships and came home with a gold medal for her Kata demonstration of Koshiki Bassai.

With a depth of wisdom about the discipline and life, she is now considering turning her attention to giving time as a mentor for the next generation of fighters and martial artists.

“I feel maybe I’m a protector, a warrior. That is my nature,” Lisa said.

“So, I have to embrace that but, I’m not going to compete anymore (to) try and prove it because my body, I want to maintain what I have and it takes a lot of training.”

Lisa had tried judo years ago, but it wasn’t a good fit. It was when her children came home from school one day with the news of Nick King’s Taekwondo katas that caught her attention. She felt she might have a try herself.

“I think in my nature, I’ve always had that streak of curiosity and exploration. And I’m an analytical person by nature, philosophical, questioning things,” she said.

She took to the discipline like a bird to the air, and soon proved her talent. Lisa said she has always been a fighter, and working with Nick allowed her to channel that propensity.

“And through training, you can take that nature, which is obviously that energy, and learn to direct it,” she said.

“It’s one thing to go in there and let off a bit of steam and do nothing, but it’s different if you go there, take what you learn and implement it into your every day life,” she said.

She said there was a value in competing on a world stage with all eyes upon you, without the benefit of applause; when it all comes down to your training and understanding and respecting the body you inhabit.

“That’s where martial arts can help with kids; females and boys,” Lisa said.

“It can help them to discipline their mind, take control of this vehicle that we’re in. Empower themselves.”

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